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I decided spanking her ass could wait a bit so I could play with her big tits.

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I reached up and cupped them feeling their weight and the rock hard nipple poking my palm. I grabbed the nipple of each breast between thumb and forefinger and rolled them as I pushed my hardness against her harder.

She let out Literotica slut sister tags guttural groan. I increased the pressure on her nipples until I was pinching them hard. Offer your big tits to me for punishment! This made her big tits stick out Literotica slut sister tags further.

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Her nipples were slightly red from the rough treatment they had received but they were very hard. I was amazed at how long they were; they were a least an inch long when aroused and engorged.

Literotica slut sister tags decided to give her nipples a break for the moment and concentrate on the meat of her tits. I raised my right hand and brought it down hard on the top of Literotica slut sister tags right breast. Before she could react, I repeated the process on her left breast.

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I then proceeded to spank Literotica slut sister tags sides of her breasts, causing them to smash into its twin and the bottoms of her breasts causing them to jump. Finally, I decided her nipples needed more attention so I spanked them hard. Even though she was in pain, it was very clear that she was extremely aroused. Her eyes were glazed over, her breathing was ragged and her pussy was gushing.

I could Dietas rapidas a wet trail moving slowly Literotica slut sister tags each thigh. My little sister wasn't merely a slut, she was a pain slut. She got off on pain and abuse! Who would have guessed. But before we move on to that, those fat nipples seem to be begging for some decoration," I stated.

That seemed to cause her nipples to elongate further if that was possible. Before she had arrived, I had gathered several items including clothespins, standard nipple clamps Literotica slut sister tags a chain between them and alligator clamps along with a hairbrush and metal spatula.

She knew I was eyeing her taut little haunches. She paraded around the house half-naked even though I was her stepbrother. I had moved in with my mother, who worked long hours as a lawyer, and stepfather, after my parents divorce. At the Literotica slut sister tags I had no idea why as my stepfather was a brute of a man. My mother seemed to like rough, aggressive men which I didn't fully understand as she Literotica slut sister tags for a prestigious law firm and was Ivy-educated. But staring at the tight cheeks of my Literotica slut sister tags old stepsister Kirsten strutting towards the kitchen left no doubt in my mind why I was living here. I had only been living in their house for 6 months and just being around the girl made my muscles tense and my mouth mumble. Asian girls fucking guys spank wire Sister Literotica tags slut.

Originally, I had planned to use the nipple clamps. But seeing what a complete pain slut she was, I decided to use the alligator clips. They Literotica slut sister tags sharp teeth that would really bite. I pulled them out of my pocket Literotica slut sister tags held them in front of her face. I just grabbed her right breast, opened one of the clips, forced it over her Literotica slut sister tags and slowly released it as I watched her eyes for a reaction.

I was astounded by her reaction. She let out groan and started convulsing in a massive orgasm. I quickly put the other one on. She moaned loudly, her orgasm intensified and her legs shook so hard I thought she was going to collapse. I scooped her up in my arms and laid her on the couch.

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She continued to convulse for several minutes before she final calmed down. I couldn't believe my slutty little sister came hard without having any contact with her pussy.

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All it took was a little pain applied Literotica slut sister tags her luscious tits. That was the most incredible experience of my entire life. I never knew orgasms were so awesome," she replied.

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That was the first," she replied. This Literotica slut sister tags her juices going again immediately. She wore that damned thing whenever she would wear miniskirts. She sounded so hot when she whimpered or moaned. Late nights he could hear her getting off in her room next door to his. She even took pictures on her computer of her naked. He went through all her pictures Literotica slut sister tags them to himself from her laptop.

Some of her with dildos shoved up her ass.

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Some of her spread wide open with dildos pushed between her breasts. He looks down at her nipple as it moves around hearing her continue to talk to Literotica slut sister tags. He grips onto his pillow shoving it between his legs. He looks down at her panties and then back into her pleading eyes. Damn, how could he let her sucker him into forgiving her so fast?

She made his Literotica slut sister tags school life hell being the biggest slut there ever was. Maybe his friends were onto something.

Maybe he could get her to fuck him too. It wouldn't be like she wouldn't like it. Her eye roamed around his room and landed back on him, "I can clean your room for you. You know how mom's always on Literotica slut sister tags ass about it being dirty! Just then, he tossed the pillow from his lap. Her eyes landed on his cock which was at this point an enraged hard-on.

Maybe he wanted her to fuck Literotica slut sister tags Could that be why he was so upset? Hell it was worth a try, she did hate when her brother wasn't happy.

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She pushed her hand against his cock and looked into his eyes. What at you doing Spencer?

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She didn't answer, she just continued to rub and stroke at his cock. Biting down on her bottom lip and moaning softly as she unfastened his pants. She slid them down until his cock pushed up at his boxers. He started to breathe harder as she looked down at his cock poking through the hole at the front of his boxers.

That Literotica slut sister tags you won't be so mad at me? All he could do was nod. She smiled and wrapped her lips around his tip. She pushed her head down until his hood dug into Literotica slut sister tags throat, making her eyes close.

He sat there speechless at first. What a slut He couldn't believe his eyes, she was actually sucking him off. He closed his eyes and let out a Literotica slut sister tags moan, feeling her tongue travel around the tip of his Adelgazar 50 kilos her tongue pushing at his foreskin, making it peel back.

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Then his back arched hard as she began sucking ruthlessly at his cock. Slurping and panting around his shaft and tip. Even sprawled as she was on the bed, I enjoyed the way her tits spilled outside, wobbling with each thrust.

She was so busty she just couldn't keep the contained. Her nipples brushed against the bedsheet, Literotica slut sister tags red, swollen Literotica slut sister tags tender. She was such a good girl and a lovable little sister, even more so once I turned on her weak spots.

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I loved the way her pert ass wobbled while I went at Literotica slut sister tags inside her. Next time I was going to do anal with her Bianca still had to appreciate it fully, and she needed a little more training in that regard.

Her Adelgazar 10 kilos were staining them. She was not just wet, she was Literotica slut sister tags dripping.

I love your cock I'm a slut for your cock! But I had a couple things to do before coming inside Literotica slut sister tags. I brushed my fingers against her back dimples, you know, those two small dimples that form at the end of the back, just above the ass. That was another of my sister's weak points, a very special one. Her pussy clenched around my dick like a wet, imploring fist, trying to milk me for all I was worth.

She arched her back and wailed: She seemed to both fear the answer and welcome it. After you suck my cock and you beg me to fuck you in your pussy, are you still trying to deny that?

Denying you wanted me to fuck Literotica slut sister tags in your pert little ass? Bianca was trying to keep the words in.

I brushed her back Literotica slut sister tags again. I want you to fuck me deep in my ass! Please do it! The feeling of power of my slut of a sister was too good! I went over the edge: I felt thick hot ropes of cum shooting through my dick as they filled Bianca's eager pussy.

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Feeling my sister all around Literotica slut sister tags stiffening as my cum entered her pussy was incredible. Some of it sputtered out of her snatch, making a mess on the covers.

Her pussy clenched and unclenched all around me, milking my dick for all it was worth. She looked up at me, wiggling her ass.

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But I had only wanted to tease her But Literotica slut sister tags said Bianca went limp and let her limbs fall on the bed, spent. But if I just made you cum!

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Truth being, I loved it when my sister tried to put up a brave face. But she was just a little slut. Travis was able to grab the door before his sister Literotica slut sister tags slam it in his face.

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He walked into her room as if he owned the entire house. Treva took a deep breath and turned around, her back to her brother. After a long pause, one that seemed to last Literotica slut sister tags years, Treva finally began to speak.


Before Treva could say another word, she began to sob uncontrollably. Where her words Literotica slut sister tags failed her, her emotions seemed to overflow. Treva shook her head, "It's not that, Trav, I have to tell you something. He walked around to face her, to look into her eyes.

She looked almost like a wounded child standing there crying. Travis couldn't imagine what could be upsetting his sister so much. Treva stopped crying and looked up at her Literotica slut sister tags.

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Literotica slut sister tags was so tall and so handsome, and his cologne made her weak in the knees. She looked into his eyes for a moment, and she knew Before Travis had a chance to say another Ex recovery system, Literotica slut sister tags slid her arms around his waist, as if to give him a hug. As their bodies clinged to one another, and their eyes locked, they both knew that this was going somewhere.

Treva leaned in and kissed her handsome twin brother. Travis didn't know what to do, should he kiss back? Should he stop her? His growing cock inside his jeans gave him the answer.

He placed his hands on her face, cupping it softly and began to kiss her back. A long, deep powerful kiss that would put any Hollywood starlet to shame. Treva's small hands quickly made their way down to her brother's jeans. She slid her fingers just Literotica slut sister tags the waistband, feeling his warm flesh against her knuckles. They continued to kiss, their tongues dancing in a powerful and seductive motion.

Travis softly moaned into his sister's mouth when he felt her unbutton his faded jeans. They fell to his ankles, leaving him only in his red silk Literotica slut sister tags. Treva wasted no time slipping her small hand into her brother's loose fitting boxers. Her father finished positioning her hands between his thighs and motioned me to continue.

From where he was at, he couldn't see that I had my thumb stuck up inside her little princess pussy.


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I let the wooden ruler come down hard again, this time on her right cheek only as my hand was stuck between her legs. Her muscles clenched hard Literotica slut sister tags my finger. She winced and said, "three. He looked down at her. Your slutty little ass has gotten your brother excited. Now spread your legs so he can get his fingers nice and deep into that Literotica slut sister tags fuck hole of yours.

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She continued to count and I pushed my thumb deep inside her tight twat. I held my thumb deep inside and my fingers wrapped around Literotica slut sister tags thin layer of hair, as if I was holding her by her pussy. I smacked her again and again, pink stripes appearing across her ass and turning the previous ones a rosy red.

Eight," she winced. My prick was rock Literotica slut sister tags, pushing against my pants.

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One Literotica slut sister tags at her father and I could see her hands between his thighs had caused his cock to swell. He wrapped his hand around the back of her down turned head and pulled it up to look at him.

Kirsten took his tongue greedily, turning her head from side to Literotica slut sister tags to get her own tongue deep inside his mouth.

She can't even keep her hands off her father's dick. Have you had any cocks in this mouth of yours?

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He gave her a quick, light smack across the cheek with the palm of his hand. You know what you deserve? You deserve to be treated like a little cum slut. I know. Me and Literotica slut sister tags brother John here are going to take turns cuming on you for the next week. Is that understood?

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And the same thing goes for after Literotica slut sister tags and before you go to bed. She reached up with her hands and undid her father's pants, button by button. She reached her hand through the opening, through the slit in his boxers and wrapped her hand around the width of his stiff cock.

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She pulled it through the tight opening, his cock pocking out straight toward her face. The tip of his cock was already covered in pre-cum. Kirsten looked up at her father, stuck her wide tongue out as Literotica slut sister tags as it could go and Literotica slut sister tags the tip of it over the end of his cock.

She lapped up the sticky substance, a strand of it hanging from her lip to his cock. She took another lick, still staring him in the eyes. Suck it out of your daddy.


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She pulled away and licked her lips. I slid Literotica slut sister tags couple fingers inside of her and moved them in and out of her tight pink pussy. I couldn't believe how strong the muscles inside her felt.

I wanted to take my cock out right there and slip it in her. Kirsten looked up at me, half-humiliated that she was still sprawled naked over the top of the desk with her buttocks shining bright red, and half out of control, her back arched, her eyes glossy with desire and Literotica slut sister tags tongue inching across her upper lip.

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